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Laboratory Equipment Donation Program

Faculty at any non-profit, postsecondary educational institution of higher learning, such as a university, college, junior college or community college located in the U.S. and interested in establishing or upgrading energy-oriented science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) education are eligible to apply. An institution is not required to have a current DOE grant or contract to participate in this program. An energy-oriented program is defined as an academic education or research activity dealing primarily or entirely in energy-related topics.

Application reviews and grant awards are performed on a first-received, first-qualified basis.

Certification Statement A: Terms and Conditions

When a grant is executed, the following Terms and Conditions apply:

  1. The term "grantee" as used herein means the educational institution receiving the grant. The term "DOE" means the United States Department of Energy and its duly authorized representatives. The phrase "persons acting on behalf of DOE" includes authorized contractors of DOE and their duly authorized representatives. The term "equipment" as used herein means the used items described on the face hereof as the item(s) being granted. The term "DOE facility" means the laboratory, plant, or office operated by or on behalf of DOE, in possession of and/or responsible for each item of equipment shown on the face hereof.
  2. The grantee understands that DOE may fulfill its obligations under this grant through any DOE facility(ies).
  3. The grantee agrees to pay for all costs of packing, normal and special handling, crating and shipping, and agrees to coordinate the costs and any payments with the DOE facility.
  4. The grantee is responsible for any repair and modification costs to any equipment received under this grant.
  5. The grantee agrees to provide shipping instructions to and arrange for the payment of shipping costs with the cognizant DOE facility(ies) within one week from acceptance of this grant.
  6. Neither the U.S. Government, DOE, nor persons acting on behalf of DOE make any warranty or other representation express or implied, that the equipment granted under this program will accomplish the results for which it is requested or intended.
  7. The grantee hereby releases and agrees to hold the U.S. Government, DOE, or persons acting on behalf of DOE harmless from any and all liability of every kind and nature whatsoever resulting from the receipt, shipping, installation, operation, handling, use, and maintenance of the equipment after said equipment is physically removed from the DOE facility(ies).
  8. The grantee will utilize the granted equipment primarily for energy-related instructional purposes in regularly scheduled laboratory and instructional courses and associated activities.
  9. Title to the equipment granted hereunder shall vest in the grantee upon delivery of said equipment by FOB carrier from the DOE facility
  10. The grant of any nuclear equipment granted hereunder does not relieve the grantee from complying with the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and the regulations issued pursuant thereto, including any requirements for permits and licenses, with respect to such equipment (in particular, regulations of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Chapter 1, Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations).
  11. The disposition of any patents or inventions or discoveries resulting from the use of the equipment granted hereunder shall be the responsibility of the grantee, provided that the grantee shall give the U.S. Government an irrevocable, royalty-free non-exclusive license for the use of such inventions or discoveries for governmental purposes. The grantee hereby waives all claims for damages under Section 183 of Title 35 U.S. Code by reason of the imposition of any secrecy order on any patent application, and also any claim for just compensation or award, under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, with respect to any invention or discovery made or conceived in the course of or in connection with work performed with the granted equipment.
  12. The grantee agrees to comply with Title 10--Energy CHAPTER II--DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, PART 600--FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE RULES, a copy of which is furnished to the grantee.
  13. At the end of the first year of use of the equipment, the institution agrees to provide DOE with a report on the use of the equipment. Such reports will describe
    1. Any new courses instituted as a result of the grant of the equipment;
    2. Existing courses which have been expanded as a result of the grant of the equipment;
    3. Research activities, e.g., thesis titles, journals articles, sponsored research, etc.; and
    4. Other ways the equipment has been used to enhance courses, e.g., experiments, demonstrations, etc.
  14. The grantee in signing this grant accepts the grant, its terms, and conditions and acknowledges that this agreement and the application referenced herein comprise the local agreement between the grantee and DOE.

Specific questions concerning equipment should be directed to the DOE organization responsible for the item(s) under consideration. Contact information is listed on the "Equipment Information" page.

General LEDP program inquiries may be made to:

U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Science
1000 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20585
ATTN: Ray Irwin
Program Manager
LEDP Program