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Laboratory Equipment Donation Program

About LEDP

The Laboratory Equipment Donation Program (LEDP) was established by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to grant surplus and available used laboratory equipment to full-time faculty at universities and colleges in the United States for use in energy oriented Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) educational programs. This program is managed by the Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS).

The listing of equipment available through LEDP is updated as new equipment is identified. It is available at no cost for a limited time and is granted on a first-received qualified application basis.

Notice: Due to site-specific disruptions to the normal operations of DOE sites and facilities as a result of the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as well as the operational status of recipient institutions, the processing of applications to the LEDP may be delayed.

Recently-Added Equipment

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ICN Equipment Name Condition Quick View
89827722140001 OMICRON AND ACTERNA TEST EQUIPMENT Usable Quick View
89022921990037 1184425 HYDROSTATIC TESTER Repairable Quick View
89022921990038 1181876 RF COIL COPPER New/Unused Quick View
89022921990039 1184302 FLEXIBLE TUBING New/Unused Quick View
89022921990040 1184298 WIDEMOUTH PLASTIC BOTTLES New/Unused Quick View
89022921990041 1184300 FUNNELS New/Unused Quick View
89022921990042 1184317 SOIL WATER SAMPLING KIT Usable Quick View
89022921990043 1181007 DISPOSABLE PIPETS Usable Quick View
89022921990044 1184199 GLASS FLOW CONTROL ADAPTERS Usable Quick View
89022921990045 1180390 BIMETAL THERMOMETER New/Unused Quick View
89022922010060 306276 AMPLIFIER WAVE TUBE Repairable Quick View
89022922010061 1182066 TRANSISTOR CURVE TRACER Repairable Quick View
89022922010062 1186682 ENVIRONMENTAL DATA LOGGER Repairable Quick View
89022922010063 1186685 VIBRATION ANALYZER Repairable Quick View
89022922010064 1186684 HARDNESS TESTER Repairable Quick View
89022922010065 1182999 DENSITY METER Repairable Quick View
89022922010066 1180302 LAB SUPPLIES Repairable Quick View
89022922010067 1181703 WATER SAMPLER Repairable Quick View
89022922010068 1183616 MICROSCOPE Repairable Quick View
89022922010069 374781 MATRIX SWITCH Repairable Quick View
89022922010070 1181998 PHOTOMETER Repairable Quick View
89022922010071 1183574 LAB SUPPLIES Repairable Quick View
89022922010072 1181720 PUMP HEAD Repairable Quick View
89022922010073 1183615 MICROSCOPE Repairable Quick View
89022922010074 1180476 GAS CHROMATOGRAPH Repairable Quick View
89022922010075 1183617 TOTALIZER Repairable Quick View
89022922010076 1183618 FLOW CONTROLLER Repairable Quick View
89477721980001 VARIAN CONTROLLER Usable Quick View
89910221990021 SCALABLE MICROSCOPE PLATFORM Usable Quick View
89023322020020 MISC. METERS Repairable Quick View
89757920830001 MICROWAVE PROBE STAT Usable Quick View
89757920830005 TEST SYS,SERVOHYDRAU Usable Quick View
89757920830007 NETWORK ANALYZER Usable Quick View
89757920830009 AMPLIFIER,LOCK-IN Usable Quick View
89757920830010 ANALYZER, SPECTRUM Usable Quick View
89757920830011 FLASH LAMP SYSTEM Usable Quick View
89757920830012 OSCILLOSCOPE Usable Quick View
89757920830016 ANALYZER Usable Quick View
89757920830018 LVDT A/B AMPLIFIER, ONE CHANNEL, SHORT PROBE Usable Quick View
89757920830020 GERMANIUM DETECTOR Usable Quick View
89757920830021 DIGITAL CAMERA SYSTEM Usable Quick View
89757920830023 PLOTTER WITH SCANNER Usable Quick View
89757920830024 SCANNER SYSTEM Usable Quick View
89757920830026 THEODOLITE Usable Quick View
89757920830027 THEODOLITE Usable Quick View
89757920830028 PIEZOCON 3 LPM SENSOR Usable Quick View
89757920830030 W-2200B TEMPERATURE TEST SYSTEM Usable Quick View
89757920830036 INSPECTOR 2000 DSP PORTABLE MCA Usable Quick View
89757920830038 POWDER DOSING UNIT Usable Quick View
89757920830039 POWDER DOSING UNIT Usable Quick View
89757920830041 ROBOTIC FEED BLAST SYSTEM New/Unused Quick View

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Who is eligible to apply for equipment?

Participation in the LEDP is limited to full-time faculty at accredited, postsecondary, non-profit degree granting institutions including universities, colleges, community colleges, or junior colleges located in the U.S. and interested in establishing or upgrading energy-oriented science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) educational programs. An energy-oriented program is defined as an academic education or research activity dealing primarily or entirely in energy-related topics.

To be eligible, applicants must be a full-time faculty member in STEM areas such as physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, environmental sciences, geology or geosciences, mathematics, materials sciences, or computer or computational sciences. A full-time faculty employee is defined as one who is considered to be a faculty member by his or her employing institution, is not characterized as having “adjunct” or “visiting” status, and who meets the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) definition of a full-time employee during the academic year in which application to the Laboratory Equipment Donation Program is made. The IRS defines a full-time employee as one who during a calendar month is employed on average for at least 30 hours of paid service per week or 130 hours of paid service per month.

Application reviews and grant awards are performed on a first-received, first-qualified basis.

How long will it take to find out if my application has been approved?

After you have submitted a completed application, it is sent to the respective DOE office for approval. The Organizational Property Management Officer (OPMO) has 14 days to review an application. When an application is approved, the OPMO notifies the grantee via e-mail. Unapproved application e-mail notifications will list the reason for the disapproval.

What equipment is available under the LEDP program?

Examples of typical items of educational training apparatus or equipment that may be requested are listed below. It should be emphasized that the following examples are merely illustrative and not inclusive:

  • Amp meters, voltmeters, electrometers
  • Amplifiers
  • Catalyst test units
  • Distillation columns
  • Dosimeters, survey meters, radiometers, and spectroscopes
  • Gas and liquid chromatographs
  • Gas tracers and analyzers - solar collectors and heliometers
  • Ion control gauges
  • Linear and pulse-height analyzers
  • Mass spectrometers, infrared spectrometers, and ultraviolet spectrometers
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Power supplies
  • Radiation detectors, monitors, scalers, and counters
  • Radiation shields and reactor associated components
  • Recorders
  • Signal generators
  • Temperature and pressure recorders

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