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Projects Included

Projects Included are:  projects funded by DOE, conducted at DOE sites, and using DOE current or former personnel or their data.

Alteration of the Human Environment Studies

It is DOE policy that any DOE-funded and/or DOE-laboratory-conducted projects for research purposes involving intentional modification of an individual’s or a group of individuals’ environment (which must be performed when the individual(s) is(are) present), for example through installation of devices in homes and/or through introduction of gases/chemicals to trace airflow in occupied residential, commercial, or public settings, be managed as human subject research and reported to the DOE Human Subjects Research Database.

Former Worker Medical Screening Program Projects

The Former Worker Medical Screening Program (FWP) provides ongoing medical screening examinations, at no cost, to all former DOE Federal, contractor, and subcontractor workers who may be at risk for occupational diseases. The FWP is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS) and reflects our commitment to the health and safety of all DOE workers - past and present - who have served the Nation in its National security and other missions.

It is DOE policy that any such projects will be managed as human subjects research and thus will be subject to the requirements of DOE Order 443.1B. Such projects must be reviewed and approved by the Central DOE Institutional Review Board (IRB), prior to the initiation of any new work.

Multi-Institutional Projects

Multi-Institutional Projects (MI) are projects prior to Fiscal Year 2013 that took place at multiple locations and were reported more than once in the HSRD.

Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory

Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory was unable to report for fiscal year 2014.

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