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Human Subjects Research Database (HSRD) FY2014 Report


Through this database, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) provides information to the public on current research that it funds or engages in that involves human subjects.

Project information is obtained annually from a questionnaire completed online by the principal investigator or the DOE Program Manager. Data are available from 1995 through 2012.

Moral Science Protection Participants in Human Subjects Research Report
The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues issued a report in December 2011 , Moral Science - Protecting Participants in Human Subjects Research. One of the Commission's recommendations was that the government "improve accountability through public access."

"To enhance public access to basic information about federal government-funded human subjects research, each department or agency that supports human subjects research should make publicly available a core set of data elements for their research programs - title, investigator, location, and funding - through their own systems or a trans-agency system" (page 53)

"For example, the Department of Energy's Human Subjects Research Database provides a wide range of protocol-level information about Department of Energy-supported human subjects research, including funding for and number of subjects involved in specific studies." (page 50)

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