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The EMI SIG general membership is comprised of more than 1000 DOE/NNSA and contractor employees.  The EMI SIG general membership meets annually.  Subcommittees and Working Groups meet as needed to work toward the development of training products and resources that can be used by all EMI SIG members or members of other Special Interest Groups.

EMI SIG membership is limited to U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) employees, DOE contractor employees, or others who provide support to DOE emergency management operations.

Emergency Management Issues Special Interest Group

Steering Committee

  • EMI SIG Steering Committee (SC)


  • Continuity of Operations Subcommittee (COOPSC)
  • DOE Meteorological Coordinating Council (DMCC)
  • Emergency Public Information Subcommittee (EPISC)
  • Emergency Readiness Assurance Subcommittee (ERASC)
    • Exercise Builder Task Group (EBTG)
  • First and Field Responders Subcommittee (FFRSC)
  • Hazards Assessment Subcommittee (HASC)
    • Chemical Screening Working Group (CSWG)
    • Severe Events Working Group (SEWG)
  • Subcommittee on Consequence Assessment and Protective Actions (SCAPA)
    • Biosafety Working Group (BWG)
    • Chemical Exposure Working Group (CEWG)
    • Chemical Mixtures Working Group (CMWG)
    • Consequence Assessment Modeling Working Group (CAMWG)
    • PAC Development (PAC)
    • Source Term Working Group (STWG)
  • Training Subcommittee (TSC)

Working Groups

  • Emergency Management Program Accreditation Working Group (EMPAWG)
  • Technology Working Group (TECHWG)