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Data File Set: SRSFWP01_d1 - SRS FWP data file

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Data File Sample Results: below is a subset of the main data for this file
1672000MW19521985FCraftsYYYYYYYNNNNYN50YesodPacemaker;myelogram contrast1
10712000MB19531993FManagementNY NNNNUUUNNNN no  2
1000862001MW19521985FManagementNY NYYYUUUNNNN Yes0Ca Ao,8mm nodule L=granuloma?3
1001702001MW19531993FLine OperatorsNYYNNNNNYNNYN36no  4
1002722001MW19581991FUnkownNYYNNNNNNNNYN32no  5
1004722001MW19531993FManagementYYYNNNNNNNNYN27no Ca Ao6
1005742001MW19521986FLine OperatorsNY NYNNUUUNNYN34yes0Pacemaker7
1008722001MW19531986FManagementYYYNNNYNNNNYN61no  8
1009682001MW19531992FTechnical SupportNYYNNNNNNNNYN11no  9
1011632001MB19671990FTechnical SupportNYYNNNNNNNNYN no  10
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