Before you begin

Please be aware that the data you enter in this session will not be available again after you close the browser! Please collect the information below, as it applies to you, before you complete this Travel Request.

Podium at event If you are attending an event

Please submit any meeting or event information showing the event location, dates and any related fees.

Airplane If you are flying

Please provide any flight or schedule requests. We will try to accommodate any requests that you have. Please keep in mind that you must travel at the lowest available fare.

Hotel If you are staying in a hotel

You will need the name and phone number for the hotel at each of your destinations.

Personal travel If you are including personal travel days during your trip

You must indicate which days are personal. A cost comparison will be done at the time of your trip approval and you will be informed of any costs that you may be responsible for as a result.

Podium at event If you are attending a conference

You may receive an advance reimbursement for a registration fee you have paid or will be paying. Please note, registration fees should not be paid until the trip is approved. A receipt will be required when you submit your Travel Expense Statement.

Paper form To submit your Travel Request

When all required data has been entered, print the form, obtain the appropriate signatures and scan the form and any related information to Travel Central at Travel Central . If scanning is not possible, you may fax the information to: (865) 574-6563.

Signpost If you are entering more than one trip

Please use the “Start New Trip” button after printing your first Travel Request. This will ensure that the travel information for each trip can be imported separately into the Travel Management System (TMS) and processed correctly. If you do not use the “Start New Trip” feature, the information you enter for each trip will be combined into a single trip request with potentially many errors when Travel Central imports the travel information.

If your trip is cancelled after approval

If you have requested a cash advance or advance reimbursement on your Travel Request, please be advised that should your trip be cancelled, any advance that has been disbursed will automatically be deducted from your next stipend (for participants) or payroll (for employees) payment.

Question mark If you have any questions

Contact us at Travel Central or at 865-576-6500.